martes, 30 de junio de 2009

When you leave before it was expected

Dear Baby,

For some mysterious reason you chose me to be at your birth. And you chose me to be at your death.

For some mysterious reason your mother and father chose me to be at your birth. And they chose me to be at your death.

For some mysterious reason I chose to be at your birth. And I chose to be at your death.

Dear baby, who am I to judge whether a shorter life is worth any less than a longer life?

Who am I to decide that the minutes, hours, days, you spent on our earth were too little? They were enough, for you, they were enough.

For some mysterious reason, your short time with us was all that you needed.

I honor your life and I bow before you, honoring your destiny.

I place you in my heart and I bring you into my life, through your life, through your death.

I honor your life, as short as it was.

I honor your destiny.

(To those who left before their time, to the mothers and fathers who watched them and to the midwives who held witness)

Vaginal Breech Birth

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada recently revised their practice guidelines on breech birth.
As of this week (June 2009) They no longer recommend routine cesarean for breech babies! This is a huge step forward as it was precisely the Canadian society and research from Canada that originally published and pushed material that deemed vaginal breech birth unsafe.

The announcement from the SOGC is here:

The guidelines:

At Luna Maya we have always supported women's right to chose the birth that she feels works best for her. This sometimes has included a breech vaginal birth. For any midwife who has attended home breech births, we know that it is safe, gentle and usually pretty straightforward.

One of the most important statements in my mind of the announcement and guidelines is the acknowledgement that there are very few providers (in hospital) who know how to attend a safe breech vaginal birth. I would like to offer the skills of myself and other homebirth midwives who how centuries have been safely attending breech births at home.

May this be the beginning of the extension of equal opportunity for birth and the extension of rights to ALL childbearing women, regardless of the position the baby is in!

domingo, 14 de junio de 2009

Risks of Cesarean

Please check out this Blog entry regarding cesareans:

I would love to read your comments on the story.