viernes, 7 de agosto de 2009

Birth Camp!

This week Brenda and I created Birth Camp! This is the Spanish version of Mayan Moon Retreat Week directed at Mexican midwives, students, doulas, mothers and plain ol' curious passionate birth workers.

The week will take place during the Mexican independence celebrations, so mid-week we will have a break from intensive workshops.

The schedule includes working with the pelvis- both our own and the women who with acompany during birth, incorporating grief, exploring homeopathy as well as Mayan ritual and sacred space.

I am excited about this space because I constantly recieve emails from Mexican women who want to study at Luna Maya and sadly we cannot take on all the apprentices we hear from. This week long intensive is a way for us to circle together and share all we know about birth to renew our ancestral wisdom and commitment to our path.

If you love the idea, but don't speak spanish, stay tuned and check our webpage because I have already posted the dates for Mayan Moon Retreat Week in February 2010.

At the end of the day the students asked me for the second time, why dont you start a midwifery school? Well, I'll try to come up with an answer for that.

In the meantime, show your interest and commitment to continued growth and the profound importance of re-birth through intensive circle and join us for Birth Camp! See you in September!

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