viernes, 25 de septiembre de 2009

Births that remind me why I love Birth

Some births are exceptionally special. They are undisturbed, physiological and divine. These are the births where I show up and the woman and her husband are loving each other secretly... where the lights are off. Births where the woman moves as she needs to and no one needs to talk or even whisper. Birth where the sounds remind us of Whales, swimming together.

These are births where the mother opens herself, emotionally, physically, spiritually... all of herself, to receive her newborn. Where when she touches fear she looks deep into her lovers eyes and says, "I can't do it anymore". and he says, "yes, you are doing it". Enough said.

These births remind us that birth is trusted when the midwife has nothing to do. Births where you are almost embarrassed from the intrusion on the sexual ritual that the couple is undergoing.

Births where the baby is born and the mother sings to her newborn, who just stares at her in recognition. Births where the baby didn't have to brake the mother to get through her and where everybody cried except for the baby.

I hope every woman can find this birth. Within herself.

These are the births that remind me of why I love Birth.

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