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I am writing about this for several reasons:
When men began to attend births (and other body issues) they would write about their findings and other men would discuss them.
I would like to know if anyone has ever seen this and what their thoughts are

A woman birthed with me (a normal homebirth). She incurred a small anterior tear which was not repaired and she was advised sitz baths with healing herbs (calendula, malva, rosemary and aloe) and to keep her legs closed. About one month ago at a post partum visit she stated that she felt her yoni had "closed". Assuming I understood what she was talking about I discussed pelvic floor with her and "things coming back together".

She was in fact right.

She came in for a pap smear one month after that conversation and I found that she had a "closed" yoni. She had grown a spider web type tissue across her inner labia leaving her introitus about the size of my pincky finger (which is by the way, very small). The tissue is very thin and only covers this area, from below her urethra to half way down her yoni introitus. I consulted our pediatrician who observed the woman and explained that this was a "Synercky" (sp. Sinerquia) and she had seen it in newborns, who are born with an overdeveloped hymen. She explained that basically this woman had revirginated. We giggled and stood in awe around her.

So we discussed a de-virgination plan between the three of us: she should come back without her baby, a bottle of wine and some romantic CDs and we would romantically "release" her of her new found virginity.

What is so stunning about this to me is the power of the mind and psyche to heal the body. The woman is question is a single mother with deep concerns about the fact that she became pregnant "out of wedlock". Her family had a hard time integrating the news as they are conservative and catholic. So this woman is a Saint?! She regained her virginity though a gentle postpartum after a beautiful homebirth. And through intention.

Now that may just be one more reason why homebirth is so special! And why women are so magical.

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